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Map My City is an open data visualisation platform developed by Liveable City that aims to provide the general public the opportunity to contribute to a growing data set of information on a host of traffic and transport related items affecting the ‘liveability’  of our cities.

Key to the success of the Map My City initiative is input from the general public. By working together we can gather data at an incredible rate and quickly identify problems. The goal of Liveable City is to use this information as a powerful communication tool to lobby for key role-players in urban-design and transport infrastructure to design, upgrade, and construct better infrastructure to make our cities safer and more enjoyable places to live, work, and play.

Map My City is in live beta right now. With your input we can make Map My City a powerful tool for change.

For more information on Map My City or other initiatives of Liveable City, please visit our website at www.liveablecity.co.za



  • Number of pedestrians, cycling, and motor vehicle related traffic incidents
  • Location and information on poorly designed / unsafe road infrastructure affecting all road users.
  • Highlight ongoing infrastructure development projects, with a view to monitoring impact on mobility and safety.
  • Showcase key landmarks such as schools and hospital to put road design and traffic management initiatives into perspective
  • Show results of traffic surveys of including numbers of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on major mobility routes within the city.


  • Information relating to incidents between cars, taxis, cyclists, and pedestrians
  • Information on the circumstances surrounding incidents such as poor street lighting, bad road conditions, or unsafe intersection design
  • Information on unsafe driving, dangerous behaviour, or other factors that offer a disincentive to cycling or walking 
  • Information on poor accessibility for people with physical challenges, parents with young children, the elderly, or people from vulnerable groups due to poor design, lack of infrastructure, or obstructions


Liveable City

Map My City is an initiative from Liveable City. Liveable City is a non-profit company championing the ideals of sustainable urban development and inclusive transport and mobility systems to create safer, healthier, and more liveable cities which improve people’s lives. 

To find out more about Liveable City, and how you can help us make our cies better places to live, work, and play, please visit:



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